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How to List for One Percent!

High Quality Media and Marketing

Orange County Discount Broker | List for 1%

Orange County Discount Broker | List for 1%

Orange County Discount Broker. Now there’s a better way… Sell For More and List for 1%.

Home Sellers want the opportunity to save money by listing their home and selling quickly for a low cost…One Point Plus Real Estate is the answer.  Your full service Orange County Discount Broker.

Quick sales often happen when the market conditions are right and the home is priced to sell. One Point Plus Real Estate SAVES you money by listing your home in the MLS with Quality Media and Photography for a low fee of 1% for the initial 30 day listing period (plus selling agent commission of 2 or 2.5% depending on current market conditions).


We eliminate the risk of overpaying a broker for a quick sale!

What happens after the initial 30 day period? If the home does not go under contract in the initial 30 day period, We then offer our extended Marketing Plan at a slightly increased rate to cover increased marketing costs.

During our initial listing period we provide Full Service Marketing which includes quality photography, videography, open house and advertising to ensure your home gets sold quickly at an affordable discounted rate.


Here are examples of your savings (Minimum listing side commission is $5000):

Example 1: $500,000 house

Orange County Discount Broker







$5,000 listing (1%) + $12,500 (2.5%) = $17,500

Compare to Typical 6% agent fee = $30,000

 Savings = $12,500



Example 2: $1,000,000 house

 Orange County Discount Broker

$10,000 listing (1%) + $25,000 (2.5%) = $35,000

Compare to Typical 6% agent fee = $60,000

 Savings = $25,000



How much will the broker charge for a showcase listing on

How much will the broker charge for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) ?

How much does the broker charge for full representation / closing assistance?

Will my listing be in the MLS and featured on all syndicated MLS websites such as,, and other websites?


Will my listing have high quality digital photography and Video?


Will One Point Plus Real Estate manage my transaction, contract negotiations  and timelines?


How much commission does the listing broker charge after the 30 day initial period?

After the initial 30 day period the commission structure adjusts to 2% for the listing agent. Unless the home has gone under contract during the initial 30 day period.


Call today to get started! Direct: 949-306-8416

One Point Plus Real Estate is a division of Preferred Homes Real Estate, Inc. Broker License# 01896316 Orange County discount broker. Minimum commission of $5,000 per transaction applies.












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