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New Video on How to Buy A HUD Home!

New Video on How to Buy A HUD Home!

Want to learn about HUD Homes and how you can buy a HUD- owned home in California?

Please watch my new Video explaining the process and the advantages of buying a HUD owned Home.

A few advantages when Buying a HUD owned home:

  • FHA Appraisals are completed on HUD homes before they are listed for sale.  Often times, the homes are listed for sale at or below the appraised value!
  • If you utilize FHA financing, you can use the appraisal completed by HUD saving you hundreds of dollars!
  • Termite reports are provided and section 1 repairs are completed by the seller when using FHA loans.
  • Property Condition Reports (which are similar to a home inspection) are provided to you by HUD at no cost saving you hundreds of dollars!
  • HUD will pay up to $4000 towards lead based paint remediation when the buyer uses FHA financing!
  • Only owner occupants can make offers on HUD owned homes for the first 30 days the home is listed!

If you would like to attend a FREE Live class on How to Buy HUD Homes please visit my link at:

You can read more about the HUD Selling Process at:

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