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Laguna Beach Real Estate

Laguna Beach Real Estate

Laguna Beach SouthLaguna Beach real estate offers some of the most striking ocean views on the California coast. What sets Laguna Beach apart from most other beach communities is the artistic aura that surrounds Laguna Beach in every aspect.

Laguna Beach offers popular summer festivals and other events throughout the year that showcase artistic talent by locals and visitors alike.  this long celebrated artistic culture is what sets Laguna beach apart.  As you enter Laguna Beach to Laguna Canyon Rd., Laguna College of Art and design  is located on your right.  summer visitors will also come from miles around to the Laguna Beach Festival of arts and the pageant of the Masters. The rich artistic heritage of the city has created a high demand for Laguna Beach homes among artists, filmmakers and the like. There are numerous luxury homes, multimillion dollar estates and standing cottages with breathtaking ocean views. Laguna Beach is uniquely situated and insulated from urban development due to major regional parks situated on the east of the coastal city. These parks include Aliso Wood Canyons regional Park, Crystal Cove State Park, and Laguna Coast wilderness Park.

In town you will find numerous gift shops, art studios, galleries as well as restaurants  and hotels.  As you move further south towards South Laguna, you’ll find luxurious resorts such as the montage and other renowned hotels. South Laguna offers a more peaceful side of each life that is truly unique and cherished by its residents.

There are also some gated communities to include Emerald Bay, Irvine Cove, Smithcliffs, Three Arch Bay and Lagunita. Within these gates are some of the most luxurious homes available in the Laguna Beach area.

Laguna Beach Real Estate Areas:Laguna Beach Victoria Beach

Laguna Village

South Laguna

Laguna Canyon

Laguna Beach Beaches

Northern Laguna Beach:

Irvine Cove

Crescent Bay

Shaw’s Cove

Boat Canyon

Diver’s Cove

Picnic Beach


Central Laguna Beach:

Main Beach

Sleepy Hollow

St. Ann’s Street

Thalia Street

Oak Street

Brook’s Street

Mountain Road

Bluebird Canyon

Southern Laguna Beach:

Pearl Street

Wood’s Cove

Moss Point

Victoria Beach

Christmas Cove

Goff Cove

Treasure Island


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Laguna Beach Homes Sold By Jesse Madison:

Laguna Beach Real Estate in Three Arch Bay
Laguna Beach Real Estate in Three Arch Bay
Laguna Beach home
Laguna Beach home








Laguna Beach Victoria Beach

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