What is my home worth

When you ask yourself, ” What is my home worth?” There are many other factors we will consider and we will make adjustments to the value we put on your home depending on these factors and other considerations. We have extensive training on valuations. Over the years we have done broker price opinions on hundreds of homes for local and national banks. These banks have trained us rigorously in order to achieve very accurate home values for their assets. We are experts in property valuations. Please contact us for more information or to answer any outstanding questions about your home value.

What is my home worth

Below are some of the most important factors related to your home value:

  • Comps/ Neighborhood comps.
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Square Footage of Home
  • Lot Size of Home
  • View
  • Age
  • Condition
  • Upgrades and updates
  • The local market conditions
  • Economic trends
  • Interest Rates

YThese are some of the most important factors but my no means are they all the factors. Websites like Zillow do not weigh in these factors and that is why their property valuations are usually inaccurate. our home value cannot be determined by a simple glance at existing comps. You must make adjustments to what features your home has vs the other homes. These can be objective features such as square footage or lot size and subjective features, such as views and location. Each feature has a value and adjustments must be made for variances. This will help you get an accurate answer to that question… What is my home worth?

Once you know the value of your home you are ready for the next step in the listing process. We can guide you through the process or you can read more info about our listing philosophy on our web page. We provide full service on all our listings including professional photography, Videography and 3D Tours. Let’s get started today!

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