Orange County Walkable Neighborhoods | Understanding Walkability Scores

orange county walkable neighborhoodsOrange County walkable neighborhoods have walkability scores. Here are some keys to understanding walkability scores.

What is a walkability score?

All Orange County walkable neighborhoods will have what is called a walkability score. These scores can range from 0-100 and they indicate how accessible local amenities are for residents who want to accomplish most errands on foot. In Orange County Real Estate For example, The city of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA currently has a walk score of 46 due to the fact that the city is spread out. Some neighborhoods are in close proximity of Art and Community facilities, Shopping, entertainment, health facilities and the like and others are car dependent areas where driving is more likely required. The Rancho Santa Margarita walkability score is not high even though there are areas within the city which are very walkable from certain neighborhoods.

Keep in mind that, of course, even within lower walk score cities you can still live in a neighborhood that is very walkable. Your location within the city will determine how walkable your lifestyle will be. But an overall score can help guide you to cities that are deemed more walkable if desired. The Rancho Santa Margarita walkability score is not high even though there are areas within the city which are very walkable from certain neighborhoods.

Below are walkability scores for Orange County walkable neighborhoods:

Rancho Santa Margarita46Car Dependent
Mission Viejo54Somewhat Walkable
Lake Forest54Somewhat Walkable
Irvine54Somewhat Walkable
Laguna Niguel50Somewhat Walkable
Aliso Viejo55Somewhat Walkable
Laguna Hills55Somewhat Walkable
Foothill Ranch75Very Walkable
Dana Point61Somewhat Walkable
San Clemente47Car Dependent
San Juan Capistrano46Car Dependent
Capistrano Beach66Somewhat Walkable
Laguna Woods63Somewhat Walkable
Laguna Beach49Car Dependent
Newport Coast15Car Dependent
Trabuco Canyon/ Coto De Caza29Car Dependent
Ladera Ranch40Car Dependent
Tustin59Somewhat Walkable
Costa Mesa71Very Walkable
Orange59Somewhat Walkable
Villa Park46Car Dependent


orange county walkable neighborhoods
Walkability Score Chart



Why is it important?- Some buyers want to move from one high Orange County walkable neighborhood city to another so that they can maintain the lifestyle they want. Whether they like the proximity to save time and gas or whether they like to stay fit and walk to local establishments, they are looking for the proximity and convenience that high walk score cities have to offer.

Buyer benefits include:

  • Overall higher probability  and potential to lose weight and stay fit.
  • Save Money with lower transportation costs.
  • Higher level (on average) of community involvement.

Seller benefits include:

  • Studies show that homes with above average walk scores are worth $4,000 to $34,000 more than similar but less walkable homes.
  • An additional feature to attract potential buyers you may not have otherwise considered.

So when it comes time to sell your home in Orange County, know about Orange County walkable neighborhoods and you can better market your home to prospective buyers.It may just make the difference!



Understanding Walkability Scores in Orange County, CA
Understanding Walkability Scores in Orange County, CA

You can find the walk score for your city at

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